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Pendejo: A kid or a insult

In this week's new videos, Argentine movie and TV star, Pablo Echarri, tells us about when he was a kid:

Y yo me recuerdo que de pendejo en la escuela...
"And I remember when I was a kid in school..."
[Caption 13, Entrevista > Pablo Echarri > 4]


A word of warning here: In Argentina and Uruguay, the word pendejo is a benign, if slangy, synonym for muchacho meaning "kid, youth or teen." But you couldn't use pendejo in the same way in Mexico or parts of Central America and get away with it. There, pendejo is a crude profanity that you should read about in Wikipedia's write-up under Spanish profanity or this etymology discussion (it's what George Bush likes to use to refer to New York Times reporters -- and, sin duda, they to him!).


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