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Volverse, Convertirse, and others: Ways to become

All this talk about commands brought us back to Shaila Dúrcal's wistful song, Vuélvete la luna. ("Become the moon"). Yup: here's another song title that's an order, if a somewhat abstract one. Some of you may know that Volver (the title of a recent Almodóvar film) means "to return." But did you know that "volverse" is one of many ways to say "to become"? For example:
Acaricia mi alma, vuélvete la luna
"Caress my soul, become the moon"
[Caption 14, Shaila Dúrcal > Vuélvete Luna]

Se volvió loco.
"He went [became] crazy."

A few other ways to say "to become" are hacerse, convertirse, and ponerse. Here are examples of how these "becoming" verbs work:

Hazte doctor.
"Become a doctor."

La librería se ha convertido en un McDonald's.
"The book store has become a McDonald's."

Se puso colorado.
"He turned red in the face."

A veces la vida se pone difícil.
"Sometimes life gets hard."


If you want to read more ways to say "become" in Spanish: Haz clic aquí (Click here).


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