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Animarse: Would you dare?

¿Se animará Sebastián Estebanez a comer cucarachas?
"Will Sebastian Estebanez dare to eat cockroaches?"

[Caption 1, Factor Fobia > Cucarachas > part 2]


In Argentina, the reflexive verb animarse is frequently used to mean "to dare," as we see throughout our Factor Fobia series.

¿Se animará o no se animará Sebastián Estebanez?
"Will Sebastian Estebanez dare or not dare?"

[Caption 19, Factor Fobia > Cucarachas > part 2]

Animarse a más
Dare for more
(Pepsi slogan)

¿Te animás a saltar desde el puente?
Do you dare jump from the bridge?

Some parts of the Spanish speaking world are less likely to use animarse when they want to speak of "daring", but would more likely be using another reflexive verb,

For example Marley could have equally well have said:

¿Se atreverá Sebastián Estebanez a comer cucarachas?
Will Sebastian Estebanez dare to eat cockroaches?

Here's an interesting headline we
¿Se atreverá alguien a comprar Youtube?
Will someone dare to buy Youtube?

(The answer to that is now clear.)


Another use of animarse found throughout most of the the Spanish-speaking world is in the sense of infusing oneself with ánimo (spirit, life, energy). This can mean cheering oneself up or gaining courage/motivation.

¡Animate! Vamos a la fiesta.
Cheer up! Let's go to the party.

Al final me animé
a lanzarme al agua helada.
In the end I got up the courage to jump into the freezing water.


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