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Cuestión: It's a matter. Any questions?

One final note on our chat with Vega. While he's talking about his realizations, he says:

Pero a mí... yo me di cuenta que no era nada más... cuestión de que yo estaba absorbiendo o que me gustaba...
"But for me... I realized that it was not just... [a] question of me capturing or of me liking..."

[Captions 13-4, Entrevista > Arturo Vega > 2]

Early in your Spanish careers, you probably learned that a question to your Spanish teacher was "una pregunta." Meanwhile, the related, sound-alike word, "una cuestión," is better defined as "a matter, issue or question to be debated or resolved." So, "a question" or "matter" -- as in "a question/matter of taste" -- is translated as una cuestión when it's referring to an issue at stake. Meanwhile, "a question" that takes a question mark (?) is "una pregunta."


Any other questions? ¿Hay más preguntas?


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