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Lograr: Achieve success

...tengo la satisfacción de que logramos cambiar la opinión...

[Caption 30, Felipe Calderón > Publicidad > Part 3]


Did you have the feeling that former energy minister and presidential rival Felipe Calderón has accomplished a lot by watching this video? It might be the repetition of the verb lograr that left that impression. In this week's clip from Calderón's publicity campaign, there are six--or is that seven?--appearances of the verb lograr--which means "to achieve," "to obtain" or "to succeed in."

In the quote sited above, we translate: "I've got the satisfaction that we succeeded in changing opinion...'

Here's another one:

Nos va a sacar adelante si logramos canalizarla bien

[Caption 75, Felipe Calderón > Publicidad > Part 3]


We'll know soon if Calderón succeeds in overcoming his biggest challenge yet.


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