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NPS No puede ser - Capítulo 1 - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 2:27     Accent: Venezuela

Meet Sheryl and Rosmery, two girls who were separated by destiny forever... or at least that's what they believe! One is ultra popular and the other seems to have lost everything... What will their futures hold in store?

NPS No puede ser - Capítulo 1 - Part 2

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 3:06     Accent: Venezuela

The finalists for the teen singing reality show, Fighting for Fame, are being announced. How will Rosmery and Sheryl fair? And, how will the outcome affect their friendship?

NPS No puede ser - Capítulo 1 - Part 3

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 2:32     Accent: Venezuela

As Sheryl and Rosmery arrive to film their new reality show, the location defies their expectations!

NPS No puede ser - Capítulo 1 - Part 4

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 3:07     Accent: Venezuela

Rosmery, Sheryl and their companions have second thoughts upon arrival at the provincial campsite where their reality show singing competition is slated to be held- especially upon meeting the show's director and camp coordinator!