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Marta nos enseña - prendas de ropa

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 5:13     Country: Spain

Clothes for every occasion! Let's join Marta in this helpful lesson about the names of clothing in Spanish.

Xóchitl - Vida en Monterrey

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 3:18     Accent: Mexican

Xochitl from Monterrey, Mexico tells us about how the recent surge in violent crime in Mexico and in her area in particular affects the way that Mexican citizens live their lives.

75 minutos - Del campo a la mesa - Part 21

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 2:04     Accent: Spanish

After witnessing all of the hard work that goes into getting foods like mushrooms, chestnuts, avocados and olives "from the field to the table," 75 Minutes dedicates its final segment to the workers behind the scenes.

Blanca - Cómo moverse en Barcelona

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 5:56     Country: Spain

Planning a trip to Barcelona? Blanca explains your transportation options both from the airport to the center of the city and to get around once you have arrived.

Recetas de Clara - Los aborrajados - Part 2

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 3:30     Accent: Colombian

The second part of a tutorial on how make "aborrajados," or ripe plantain fritters, a scrumptious Colombian dish.

Azotea Del Círculo de Bellas Artes - Andrés nos enseña una nueva perspectiva.

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 3:43     Accent: Spain

See Madrid from a different perspective. Our friend, Andrés, shares with us his favorite spot in the city: the rooftop of El Círculo de Bellas Artes.

Cabarete - Charlie el taxista

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 3:11     Accent: Dominican Republic

Charlie Pérez Acosta, a taxi driver from the Dominican Republic, tells us a bit about his job, his family, and the extremely touristic area, Cabarete Beach, in which he drives.

Blanca y Mariona - Vida en general

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 4:47     Country: Spain

Blanca and Mariona chat about such issues in their daily lives as work, school, relationships, homes and pets.

Chico Trujillo - Fuera de mi vida

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 2:52     Accent: Chile

Chico Trujillo is a New Chilean Cumbia band merging cumbia, ska, reggae and rock, among other styles. Enjoy this musical video where they perform "Fuera de mi vida."

Muñeca Brava - 9 Engaños - Part 5

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 2:54     Accent: Argentina

Milagros and her fellow workers contemplate whether it would be acceptable to take a dip in the mansion's pool.

Fundamentos del Español - 10 - La Pronunciación

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 3:14     Accent: Spain

Marta teaches us the correct pronunciation of difficult Spanish letters.

Los Mesoneros - Indeleble

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 4:05     Accent: Venezuela

"Indeleble" is the title track from the Venezuelan rock band, Los Mesoneros' 2011 album of the same name.

Animales en familia - El hipopótamo pigmeo - Part 2

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 0:00     Accent: España

“Animals in the Family” continues its exploration of the pygmy hippopotamus which, is just a fraction of the size of the hippo that most of us know and love!

Muñeca Brava - 9 Engaños - Part 4

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 2:57     Accent: Argentina
As Damián finishes up business, Lina is excited at Bobby's unexpected visit to the mansion.

Guillermina y Candelario - El parque de diversiones - Part 2

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 4:15     Accent: Colombia

Guillermina and Candelario's separation during their trip to the amusement park helps Candelario to overcome one of his greatest fears.

75 minutos - Gangas para ricos - Part 3

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 3:29     Accent: Spain

"75 minutos" takes a look inside the home of an expatriate couple living in Spain where a large percentage of their belongings were acquired secondhand.

Cómetelo - Crema de brócoli - Part 11

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 2:35     Accent: Spain

Chef Enrique puts the final touches on his broccoli soup.

Guillermina y Candelario - La Isla de las Serpientes - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 3:32     Accent: Colombia

One day, when Guillermina and Candelario were playing, a very strong wind dragged them out to the open sea, taking them to the "Island of Snakes." Listen as they tell their grandfather about their adventures.

Festivaliando - Mono Núñez - Part 18

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 2:20     Accent: Colombian

As we reach the finals stage of the Mono Núñez festival in Colombia, our host attempts to create a "Latin American integration" as well as continuing to explore the individual journeys of the participating groups.

Cómetelo - Crema de brócoli - Part 10

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 2:25     Accent: Spain

Watch as the chef puts the finishing touches on his cream of broccoli soup.

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