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Blanca - Cómo moverse en Barcelona

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 5:56     Country: Spain

Planning a trip to Barcelona? Blanca explains your transportation options both from the airport to the center of the city and to get around once you have arrived.

Recetas de Clara - Los aborrajados - Part 2

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 3:30     Accent: Colombian

The second part of a tutorial on how make "aborrajados," or ripe plantain fritters, a scrumptious Colombian dish.

Azotea Del Círculo de Bellas Artes - Andrés nos enseña una nueva perspectiva.

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 3:43     Accent: Spain

See Madrid from a different perspective. Our friend, Andrés, shares with us his favorite spot in the city: the rooftop of El Círculo de Bellas Artes.

Cabarete - Charlie el taxista

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 3:11     Accent: Dominican Republic

Charlie Pérez Acosta, a taxi driver from the Dominican Republic, tells us a bit about his job, his family, and the extremely touristic area, Cabarete Beach, in which he drives.

Blanca y Mariona - Vida en general

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 4:47     Country: Spain

Blanca and Mariona chat about such issues in their daily lives as work, school, relationships, homes and pets.

Chico Trujillo - Fuera de mi vida

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 2:52     Accent: Chile

Chico Trujillo is a New Chilean Cumbia band merging cumbia, ska, reggae and rock, among other styles. Enjoy this musical video where they perform "Fuera de mi vida."

Muñeca Brava - 9 Engaños - Part 5

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 2:54     Accent: Argentina

Milagros and her fellow workers contemplate whether it would be acceptable to take a dip in the mansion's pool.

Fundamentos del Español - 10 - La Pronunciación

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 3:14     Accent: Spain

Marta teaches us the correct pronunciation of difficult Spanish letters.

Los Mesoneros - Indeleble

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 4:05     Accent: Venezuela

"Indeleble" is the title track from the Venezuelan rock band, Los Mesoneros' 2011 album of the same name.

Animales en familia - El hipopótamo pigmeo - Part 2

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 0:00     Accent: España

“Animals in the Family” continues its exploration of the pygmy hippopotamus which, is just a fraction of the size of the hippo that most of us know and love!

Muñeca Brava - 9 Engaños - Part 4

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 2:57     Accent: Argentina
As Damián finishes up business, Lina is excited at Bobby's unexpected visit to the mansion.

Guillermina y Candelario - El parque de diversiones - Part 2

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 4:15     Accent: Colombia

Guillermina and Candelario's separation during their trip to the amusement park helps Candelario to overcome one of his greatest fears.

75 minutos - Gangas para ricos - Part 3

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 3:29     Accent: Spain

"75 minutos" takes a look inside the home of an expatriate couple living in Spain where a large percentage of their belongings were acquired secondhand.

Cómetelo - Crema de brócoli - Part 11

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 2:35     Accent: Spain

Chef Enrique puts the final touches on his broccoli soup.

Guillermina y Candelario - La Isla de las Serpientes - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 3:32     Accent: Colombia

One day, when Guillermina and Candelario were playing, a very strong wind dragged them out to the open sea, taking them to the "Island of Snakes." Listen as they tell their grandfather about their adventures.

Festivaliando - Mono Núñez - Part 18

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 2:20     Accent: Colombian

As we reach the finals stage of the Mono Núñez festival in Colombia, our host attempts to create a "Latin American integration" as well as continuing to explore the individual journeys of the participating groups.

Cómetelo - Crema de brócoli - Part 10

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 2:25     Accent: Spain

Watch as the chef puts the finishing touches on his cream of broccoli soup.

Muñeca Brava - 9 Engaños - Part 3

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 2:14     Accent: Argentina

As Damián confronts Luisa about Federico's infidelity, Doña Angélica confronts Milagros about her feelings for Ivo.

Mercado de San Miguel - Misael

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 3:45     Accent: Spain

Meet Misael from Madrid who gives us a tour of the famed tourist destination, the "Mercado de San Miguel" (San Miguel Market).

Guillermina y Candelario - El parque de diversiones - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 4:25     Accent: Colombia

Guillermina and Candelario enjoy an action-packed day at the amusement park with their grandpa.

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