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El Aula Azul - Ser y Estar

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 1:44     Accent: Spain

"Ser" and "estar" both mean "to be" in Spanish, but have very different uses. Learn more about what distinguishes them with Ester and Silvia.

El Aula Azul - Las Profesiones - Part 2

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 4:04     Accent: Spanish

Can you guess which professions the teachers from “El Aula Azul” are describing in Spanish? Part 2.

El Aula Azul - Estaciones y Meses

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 2:09     Accent: Spain

This video will help you practice the name of the seasons and the months in Spanish. Do you already know them all by heart?

Marta explica el cuerpo - La cabeza

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 4:41     Accent: Spanish

Marta gives us a very detailed rundown of the words for the many parts of the head in Spanish.

Raquel y Marisa - Reserva de Restaurante

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 3:53     Accent: Spanish

Raquel and Marisa give us tips on how to make a reservation at a restaurant in Spanish.

El Aula Azul - Los Números del 1-100

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 2:19     Accent: Spanish

We're counting! Join this video from our friends of El aula azul to learn the numbers!

El Aula Azul - Estados de Ánimo

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 2:22     Accent: Spanish

Learn how moods are expressed in Spanish with Ester and Silvia.

La casa - de Chus

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 4:32     Accent: Spanish

Meet Spanish artist Chus López Vida as she gives us a tour of her home.

El Ausente - Acto 4 - Part 7

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 3:17     Accent: Mexican

IMPORTANT NOTE: This video is only for those who want to see the whole movie to its conclusion. THIS VIDEO CONTAINS ONLY ONE WORD OF SPANISH. The difficulty rating refers to the movie as a whole, not just this part, which is not difficult at all because it has ONLY ONE WORD.
Valente Rojas and the assassin engage in a violent showdown on horseback in the conclusion of this thrilling movie!

La Vida Bohème - Radio Capital

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 4:36     Accent: Venezuela

We have the debut music video from La Vida Bohème -- an Indy, punkish Venezuelan band with a bit of French in its name. Playing on roof tops in Caracas, the band delivers a subversive song in just a few words. And then they are kidnapped. "Viva la résistance," says the writing on the wall (also dropping in a bit of French). This is one band worth following.

El Aula Azul - Piensa rápido - Part 2

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 2:40     Accent: Spanish

Think fast and have fun by solving a series of interesting riddles.

El Aula Azul - Piensa rápido - Part 1

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 2:57     Accent: Spain

Ester brings lots of interesting and entertaining riddles to El Aula Azul. Think fast!

El Aula Azul - Dos historias

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 3:29     Accent: Spain

A robbery in the Aula Azul School? Whodunnit? What did they steal? Ester tells the story of the robbery and another story about a trip her school took.

El Aula Azul - Mi familia

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 1:40     Accent: Spain

Listen to Silvia tell about her family, which she describes as a normal family: not too big. It’s not that small, either. You might want to take out a pen and map out her family tree!

El Aula Azul - Mis Primos

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 3:07     Accent: Spain

Ah, family… We love them all, each in their own special way. Find out what makes cousin Carolina attractive and what makes us love cousin Pedro. These two Spaniards couldn’t be more opposite.

El Aula Azul - Una historia de dos ciudades

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 2:49     Accent: Spanish

San Sebastian? Barcelona? What’s the difference? Listen in to get an unbiased (wink, wink) comparison of the two Spanish cities.

Draco - Paraíso Prometido

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 3:57     Accent: Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Draco Rosa, or Draco for short, sings about a promised paradise somewhere near the end of the world. You have to get there, his song explains. On the guitar, Draco is backed up by a bevy of stringed instruments that create a haunting effect. Part of the video is shot on Draco’s ranch in Puerto Rico, which makes you wonder… Does the promised land look like a tropical island?

El Aula Azul - Actividades Diarias

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 2:03     Accent: Spain

Silvia, who lives in San Sebastián, was good enough to share her daily routine with us. She leads a very active lifestyle that includes a meal with her parents, work at a Spanish language academy for foreigners (El Aula Azul), a drink with friends, and even some quality time with her cats!

La rutina diaria - La tarde

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 2:58     Accent: Madrid

Our friends from Spain keep sharing their rutina diaria with us, and we can see one thing that’s really important to them: food. They eat all the time! Maybe that’s why they look so happy!

La rutina diaria - El Mediodia

Difficulty: beginner Spanish     Length: 3:05     Accent: Madrid

What do we do in the middle of the day? What about eating? A good lunch could easily become the highlight of the day. What are our Spaniard friends eating?

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