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How to Write and Say The Colors in Spanish

Do you know how to say "yellow" or "purple" in Spanish? Get ready to learn how to write and say the names of the colors in Spanish.


The primary colors in Spanish

Let's take a look at this list of the primary colors in Spanish.


Amarillo (Yellow)

Azul (Blue)

Rojo (Red)


Spanish colors in alphabetical order

Even though there are millions of colors out there, most of the time we use only a limited number of colors in our daily life. The following list features the names of the most frequently used colors in Spanish and English.


- amarillo (yellow)

- anaranjado or naranja (orange)

- añil or índigo (indigo)

- azul (blue)

- blanco (white)

- dorado (golden)

- escarlata (scarlet)

- fucsia (fuchsia)

- gris (gray)

- marrón or café (brown)

- morado (purple)

- negro (black)

- plateado (silver)

- rojo (red)

- rosa or rosado (pink)

- violeta (violet)


The pronunciation of the most important colors in Spanish

Now, it's time to learn how to say the colors in Spanish.


How do you say "yellow" in Spanish?



Recorta un cuadro de papel amarillo de cinco centímetros

Cut out a five centimeter yellow square from yellow paper

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How do you say the color "orange" in Spanish?

anaranjado or naranja

Adentro, son de color anaranjado.

Inside, they are orange-colored.

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By the way, do you know how to say "orange" (the fruit) in Spanish? The answer is "naranja"!



How do you say "blue" in Spanish?


Ay, me encanta tu camiseta azul.

Oh, I love your blue shirt.

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How do you say "white" in Spanish?


Mi perro pequeño es blanco.

My small dog is white.

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How do you say "black" in Spanish?


y el negro, donde se tira lo orgánico

and the black one, where the organic [waste] is thrown away

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How do you say "green" in Spanish?


el verde, donde va el vidrio,

the green one, where the glass goes,

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How do you say "brown" in Spanish?


Mi cocina es de madera de color marrón.

My kitchen is (made) of brown-colored wood.

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Keep in mind that some people prefer to use to word "café" instead of "marrón" when referring to the color "brown."



How do you say "purple" in Spanish?


Predominan los colores verde, morado,

The colors green, purple, predominate,

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It is also quite common to use the adjective "púrpura" when talking about the color purple.



How do you say "red" in Spanish?


el rojo carmesí, que es un rojo frío,

the Crimson Red, which is a cool red,

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The colors of the rainbow in Spanish 

Let's finish this lesson with a little quiz. Can you provide the English word for each one of the seven colors of the rainbow in Spanish? Try it out!


1. rojo = ???

2. naranja or anaranjado = ??? 

3. amarillo = ???

4. verde = ???

5. azul = ???

6. añil = ???

7. violeta = ???


Did you get them all? If you didn't, you can always go back and check out the list we provided at the beginning of this lesson with the Spanish colors in alphabetical order.


That's it for today. We hope you enjoyed this lesson and don't forget to send us your comments and suggestions.


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