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Length: 4:08

Juanes - Fotografía

Difficulty: beginner Spanish Country: Colombia Category: Music

Colombian pop sensation Juanes sings this duet with Canadian superstar Nelly Furtado. The song gave each of them an award for best duet and Juanes one for best songwriter at the Latin Music Awards. This song is very clear, very easy, and repetitive using key vocabulary. Great for beginners!

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Length: 3:15

Yabla en Buenos Aires - Plaza Mayo

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish Country: Argentina Category: Documentary

Buenos Aires is a magic city filled with an endless background of tango music. One of the most important Latin American capitals, it has been home of Jorge Luis Borges, Ernesto Sábato, Julio Cortázar and Diego Maradona. In this video we have the opportunity to take you to Buenos Aires’ historic district.

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Length: 2:00

Doña Conchita - Birria de Res

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish Country: Mexico Category: Documentary

Street food is a great way to sample something unique to a country or culture. That’s why we don’t miss a chance to chat with street vendors and taste their treats. Strolling the streets of Mexico, we ran into this delicious soup—perfect for meat lovers!

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Length: 2:49

El Aula Azul - Una historia de dos ciudades

Difficulty: beginner Spanish Country: Spain Category: Lessons

San Sebastian? Barcelona? What’s the difference? Listen in to get an unbiased (wink, wink) comparison of the two Spanish cities.

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Length: 3:44

Muñeca Brava - 7 El poema

Difficulty: advanced Spanish Country: Argentina Category: Drama

It's hard to ask for forgiveness, especially when you have to beg for it from a tough cookie like Milagros. Will she grant it?

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Length: 2:22

El Aula Azul - Estados de Ánimo

Difficulty: beginner Spanish Country: Spain Category: Lessons

Learn how moods are expressed in Spanish with Ester and Silvia.

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Length: 2:23

Los Juegos Olímpicos - Adrián Gavira

Difficulty: advanced Spanish Country: United Kingdom Category: Interviews

Adrián Gavira, an Olympic water polo player from Spain, shares with us his enthusiasm for the sport, his recent experience at the 2012 London Games and his hopes for the future.

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Length: 2:33

Raquel y Marisa - Presentaciones

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish Country: Spain Category: Lessons

Raquel meets Marisa and Marisa meets Raquel. In this video we get a handy look to introductions, the very beginnings of every social experience!