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Length: 4:04

Juanes - Fotografía

Difficulty: beginner Spanish Country: Colombia Category: Music

Colombian pop sensation Juanes sings this duet with Canadian superstar Nelly Furtado. The song gave each of them an award for best duet and Juanes one for best songwriter at the Latin Music Awards. This song is very clear, very easy, and repetitive using key vocabulary. Great for beginners!

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Length: 2:22

El Aula Azul - Estados de ánimo

Difficulty: beginner Spanish Country: Spain Category: Lessons

Learn how moods are expressed in Spanish with Ester and Silvia.

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Length: 3:53

Raquel - Reserva de Restaurante

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish Country: Spain Category: Travel

Raquel and Marisa give us tips on how to make a reservation at a restaurant in Spanish.

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Length: 4:01

Baja Beans Café - 1- Tipos de café y cómo utilizar la máquina

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish Country: Mexico Category: Food

What are the necessary elements for making a good coffee? According to Ana Maria Peters Verdugo, a barista and manager at Baja Beans Café, they are good coffee, a good machine and a good person.

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Length: 4:33

Lecciones con Carolina - Mirar, ver, y buscar

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish Country: Venezuela Category: Lessons

Carolina, a Venezuelan Spanish teacher, teaches us the difference between the Spanish verbs, "mirar" (to look at/watch), "ver" (to see) and "buscar" (to look for) and gives us examples of sentences in which they might be found.

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Length: 2:53

Kikirikí - Animales

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish Country: Colombia Category: Comedy

The Kikiriki crew debates about who among them (and the animals!) is the "most animal" of all.

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Length: 3:25

Raquel y Marisa - Agente del concesionario

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish Country: Spain Category: Leisure

In this episode, Marisa is the head of a car dealership who attempts to help Raquel find the perfect car to suit her needs.

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Length: 4:02

Otavalo, Ecuador - Artesano de monigotes de Año Viejo

Difficulty: advanced Spanish Category: Documentary

Meet Manuel Leon, an Ecuadorian artist who makes effigies for the "Año Viejo" tradition which symbolically brings in the New Year by burning them as representations of the negative aspects of the past one.

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Length: 4:05

Otavalo, Ecuador - El mercado de artesanías de Otavalo

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish Category: Travel

Natalia from Ecuador introduces us to the largely indigenous and extremely fascinating city of Otavalo, considered to be the "intercultural capital" of Ecuador.

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Length: 4:50

Yabla en Yucatán - Jorge

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish Category: Travel

Jorge, who works in the restaurant business in Holbox in the Mexican state of Morelos, tells us a bit about its atmosphere, typical dishes and diverse inhabitants.