see also: FAQ for School Accounts


How do I renew a subscription that lapsed or was canceled?

Click subscribe to re-subscribe. You can use your original username and password during the checkout process.

How do I cancel recurring billing and let my subscription run out?

Log in with your username and password. Click the "My Account" tab. Click Subscriptions and Payment in the submenu. Click "Cancel Recurring Billing" to the right of the subscription description line, then confirm your choice. Your subscription will remain active until its end date. (To renew/reactivate, see above.)

If you purchased a subscription from the iOS App, you must manage your subscription through the AppStore. See managing auto-renewing subscriptions.

How do I cancel my account and receive a refund?

Log in with your user name and password. Click the "My Account" tab. Click Subscriptions and Payment in the submenu. Click "cancel" next to the subscription line. If you cancel within 14 days of your initial purchase, we will refund your account and terminate access privileges. If you have any parting comments about how we might better meet your needs in the future, drop us a line at

Is Yabla right for beginners?

Exposure to authentic video is useful to all levels of language enthusiasts. Studies have shown that even rank beginners, given proper support tools such as those made available by the Yabla Player, benefit from exposure to native speakers and genuine culture. We provide a wide range of authentic content ranging from quite simple to rather difficult.

May teachers project Yabla videos to a class or group of students?

Yes, teachers who are subscribers may project Yabla videos to a classroom or assembled group of students.

Can Yabla be used by schools?

Yes, we have special programs for teachers and educators. You will be able to assign videos to your students and have direct access to their game scores for feedback and assessment. Students can access the videos, and complete assignments from home or a computer lab. Information and Pricing.

Aren't translation subtitles "cheating"?

As the learner, you have full control. You can turn off (or on) either set of subtitles by clicking the small button to the right of each caption box, depending on your needs at any given time. Full translations give early learners the benefit of exposure to native content without the frustration of severe incomprehension.

Is my computer capable of running Yabla?

Try the free demo. If you have no problems, you should have no problems with Yabla service in general.

Can I put my own videos into the Yabla format using Yabla technology?

Maybe. Write to us at or call us at (212) 625-3226 and we'll be happy to discuss it with you.

I spotted a mistake in the transcription/translation, what should I do?

This will happen! Write to us at Tell us the name of the video, the caption number, and the possible error and we'll fix it or explain why it was right.

Something is not acting right on your site or in the Yabla Player, what should I do?

Write to us at or contact us using the contact form. Be sure to tell us what kind of computer you are using, your connection speed, and be explicit about the nature of the problem. If the problem is only with a specific video, be sure to tell us which one.