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Amigos D.F. - Te presento...

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 2:17     Accent: Mexico

Our good Mexican friends know a little about everything and they’re willing to teach us! When you get somewhere, what’s the first thing to do? Here you’ll learn how to greet friends, lovers and even grandmothers!

Amigos D.F. - Arquitectura

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 1:27     Accent: Mexico

Mexico has a rich and varied architectural heritage that can be seen in its many classic colonial era plazas and buildings. The elementos of this historic architecture are preserved and utilized by today’s planners and builders, providing D.F. (Mexico City) with developments that are modern yet traditional and inviting, maintaining a sense of continuity with the past as the country pushes ahead into the 21st century.

Amigos D.F. - Clima en el DF

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 2:03     Accent: Mexico

Miguel, Alvaro and David have teamed up once again to tell us a little something about the weather and overall climate found in Mexico City and its environs. Pay attention to the words and vocabulary, as they will certainly be of use no matter where you travel!

Amigos D.F. - El secuestrar

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 4:10     Country: Mexico

Our good friends from México City are willing to talk about everything: good, bad or ugly. Here we have their take on kidnapping, one of the growing fears of Mexicans.

Amigos D.F. - Consejos para la calle

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 1:06     Accent: Mexico

Are you ever confused about what to say to other pedestrians? Our Mexico City friends Miguel, Anvar and David have agreed to pass on a few tips regarding what to say, and when, as we navigate the streets and sidewalks of the habla hispana (the Spanish speaking world).

Amparanoia - La Vida Te Da

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 4:00     Country: Spain

Amparo Sanchez – a singer and guitar player from Spain – is not afraid to mix genres, geographies and influences. On her band Amparanoia ’s website, she explains: “My paranoia is music and the idea was to mix rhythms and styles, taking enjoyment from the rumba to ‘ranchera’, or the bolero and ska…” (Of course, Amparo + paranoia = Amparanoia.) Listen to 2006’s “La vida te da” and hear the Afro-Cuban rumba interpreted by this talented Spaniard.

Ana Tijoux - 1977

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 3:22     Country: Chile

French born Chilean singer Ana Tijoux bring the best of both worlds! She made part of Makiza, in Chile, and became well known in Latin American because her collaborations with Julieta Vanegas, Los Tres, Bajofondo Tango Club and Control Machete.

Ana Tijoux - Shock

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 3:26     Accent: Chilean

Ana Tijoux’s 2011 single speaks of the thousands of young people who, in protest, have taken over their schools and universities, demanding free, quality education from their government.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador - Publicidad de TV - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 0:31     Accent: Mexico

Partido de la Revolución Democrática is what PRD stands for, and Mexican presidential hopeful Manuel López Obrador has been with the organization since its infancy when was known as the “Democratic Current” (Corriente Democrática), a dissenting wing of the once indomitable PRI, Partido Revolucionario Institucional.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador - Publicidad de TV - Part 2

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 0:31     Accent: Mexican

López Obrador’s campaign commercials really try to shake potential voters out of their sillas, attempting to give the potentially marginalized a strong message: “now it’s our turn, now it’s your turn!” He blatantly positions himself against the rich, those who “take the biggest piece of the cake.”

Andrés Manuel López Obrador - Publicidad de TV - Part 3

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 0:20     Accent: Mexico

Just, as immigration is a big campaign issue in the US, emigration touches a nerve in Mexico. When Andrés Manuel Lopéz Obrador ran for president of Mexico in 2006, he wanted to make it clear that his goal was to create jobs, in Mexico, so that would-be migrants would feel less need to flee north.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador - Publicidad de TV - Part 4

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 0:21     Accent: Mexico

Should government pump money into the economy and generate jobs by financing giant public works projects? In the extremely close Mexican presidential election of 2006 (which he lost), Andrés Manuel López Obrador made it clear that that his answer is a decisive ¡Sí!

Andrés Manuel López Obrador - Publicidad de Obrador

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 5:09     Accent: Mexican

Political campaigns are tough (and they can get even tougher after the voting). In this video documenting Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s presidential race, we learn some of the tricks of the trade in Mexico.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador - En campaña

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 2:07     Accent: Mexico

Enjoying almost full support by his party as their presidential candidate, Andrés Manuel López Obrador stepped down from his post as Mayor of Mexico City, aka D.F. (Distrito Federal) to campaign for the presidency of Mexico in the 2006 elections against Felipe Calderón.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador - Útiles

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 0:20     Accent: Mexico

Útilies. It relates to school supplies, including notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, paper, scissors… anything children need to get through the school year. Not a big deal for the middle class, but it can be a serious challenge to those of lesser means. López Obrador made it a campaign promise that útilies would be provided free to all children throughout Mexico, just as he did for the children of Mexico City while he was mayor.

Andy Andy - Maldito Amor

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 4:06     Country: Dominican Republic

Angel Villalona, better known as “Andy Andy,” began his career singing merengue, but he is making his mark in bachata. Both are genres from his native Dominican Republic. The governor of New York proclaimed Andy a “stellar example” for young people and the governor of Connecticut declared April 17th “Andy Andy Day.” He’s got our vote too.

Animales en familia - El hipopótamo pigmeo - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Length: 2:25     Accent: España

Today, "Animals in the Family" introduces us to the pygmy hippopotamus which, is just a fraction of the size of the hippo that most of us know and love!

Animales en familia - El hipopótamo pigmeo - Part 2

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 0:00     Accent: España

“Animals in the Family” continues its exploration of the pygmy hippopotamus which, is just a fraction of the size of the hippo that most of us know and love!

Animales en familia - La operación de Yaki - Part 1

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 3:14     Accent: Spain

For the first time on "Animales en familia" ("Animals in the Family"), we witness a double surgery on Yaki, an eight-year-old English Bulldog who suffers from various maladies.

Animales en familia - Un día en Bioparc: Coatís

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Length: 5:27     Accent: Spain

"Animales en familia" takes a closer look at coatis in captivity. Also known as Brazilian aardvarks, these diurnal mammals native to South America, Central America and south-western North America are in the raccoon family.

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