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The Word vez... otra vez

Notice how singing sensation David Bisbal uses the expression a la vez to express “at the same time”:
Es una canción dura pero... pero a la vez gratificante, ¿no?
It is a tough song but... but at the same time rewarding, right? 
Caption 26: David Bisbal - Haciendo Premonición Live - Part 4 of 8 
Don’t mix up this word with a veces, which means “at times,” “occasionally”, or “sometimes.” Dany, our Venezuelan chef, demonstrates perfectly:
Entonces a veces habrá que voltearla un par de veces más antes de terminarla.
So, sometimes it would be necessary to flip it a couple of times more before finishing it.
Caption 32: Dany - Arepas - Part 2
In the biography of Muñeca Brava's star Natalia Oreiro, we encounter the phrase de vez en cuando, which means “from time to time” or “once in a while.”
Quieras o no, era un sueldito que de vez en cuando venía bien.
Like it or not, it was a little wage that from time to time came in handy.
Caption 34: Biografía - Natalia Oreiro - Part 3
Una vez means "once", dos veces means "twice", tres veces means "three times"... etc. You hear an example when Bárbara Muñoz sings Miénteme:
Miénteme una vez
Lie to me once
Caption 13: Bárbara Muñoz - Miénteme
As fans of our popular Telenovela, Muñeca Brava, will know, de una vez means “at once”:
¿Por qué no te acostás de una vez y apagás la luz? 
Why don't you get in bed at once and turn off the light?
Caption 28: Muñeca Brava - 18 - La Apuesta - Part 3
If you add por todas (or para siempre), the meaning changes to “once and for all.” This becomes evident when you watch our other popular Telenovela, Yago (Pasion Morena):
No, uh, no, no, este, quiero a ver si me entendés de una vez por todas.
No, oh, no, no, um, I want to see if you understand me once and for all.
Caption 39: Yago - 2 El puma - Part 4
Do you find these lesson useful? We suggest you keep them at hand la próxima vez (the next time) you put your Spanish to use.
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