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Formed in 1989, Latin Grammy-winning Mexican music group Café Tacuba has garnered an international following over their long career. Originally influenced by eighties alternative rock, their incorporation of such diverse genres as traditional Mexican, ska, punk, funk, electronic, new wave, and more has contributed to their constant evolution, making it impossible for critics to place them into any one stylistic box.

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Café Tacuba - Y es que...

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At top of the Mexican Rock’s pyramid is Cafe Tacuba. Since their breakthrough Re (1994), they have reshaped themselves countless times. Rubén Isaac Albarrán Ortega, their lead singer, has a thing for changing his name. He even puts Diddy to shame! Through the years, he has been known as “Juan,” “Pinche Juan,” “Cosme,” “Masiosare,” “Anónimo,” “Nrü,” “Amparo Tonto Medardo In Lak’ech,” “At Medardo ILK,” “G3,” “Gallo Gasss,” “Élfego Buendía,” “Rita Cantalagua,” “Sizu Yantra,” “Ixaya Mazatzin Tleyótl,” “Ixxi Xoo,” and “Cone Cahuitl.” Enough for an identity crisis!

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