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Straight from El Aula Azul (The Blue Classroom) Spanish language school in San Sebastian, Spain, the quirky style of professors Ester and Silvia add entertainment value to language acquisition. Ideal for beginners as well as those wishing to reinforce and expand upon their basic skills, Ester and Silvia introduce us to terminology for months, seasons, moods, numbers, family members and more, as well as delving into some essential grammatical concepts.

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El Aula Azul - La Doctora Consejos: Hay y estar

Difficulty: difficulty - Beginner Beginner


Doctor Consejos [Advice] de El Aula Azul listens to and interprets her patient, Ander's strange dream. Listen closely in order to gain a better understanding of how "hay" [there is/are] and "estar" [to be] are used in Spanish.

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