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Alberto Barros - Mano a mano (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Colombia

Rock'n'roll has Cleveland; Country music has Nashville and Salsa has Cali, Colombia. Grammy nominee, Alberto Barros, brings us a mano a mano between three Salsa Divas representing the Salsa Capital of the World.

Alberto Barros - Cali Pachanguero (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Colombia

Colombian musician Alberto Barros, better known as Salsa's Titan, offer us, along his band, one of the most famous salsa song: Cali pachangero.

Alberto Barros - Cargamento Colombiano (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Colombia

Enjoy a live performance by Alberto Barros and other famous salsa singers. They display an amazing energy and good vibe interpreting the tribute song Cargamento Colombiano.

Alberto Jiménez - Causalidad - Part 1 (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Venezuela

Alberto Jimenez put together 10 of his latest songs for the album “Causalidad,” released in 2009 throughout Venezuela. Here, he tells us the story behind the production of it.

Alberto Jiménez - Causalidad - Part 2 (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Venezuela

Alberto Jimenez’s album “Causalidad” was released in 2009 throughout Venezuela. Listen to snippets of songs and hear the rest of the story behind the production of it.

Alejandra Guzmán - Porque no estás aquí

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Mexico

Mexican rock singer Alejandra Guzmán is known as the “Queen of Rock” in Latin America. Take a listen to her soulful singing in “Porque no estás aquí” (“Because You’re Not Here”), and you’ll see why. Those lyrics sung in that raspy voice get right into your core.

Alejandro Fernandez - No Se Me Hace Fácil (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Mexico

Ever get the feeling you are being watched? In this video, Latin Grammy winner Alejandro Fernández explores the fine line between true love and a restraining order. Hailing from Mexico, Alejandro is son of the ranchera legend, Vicente Fernandez. Alejandro launched his own career by bridging ranchera with a commercial pop sound in his first album, released in 1992.

Alejandro Fernandez - Eres (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Mexico

Who said that love songs can’t be fun? Even if we still don’t understand the relationship between the song and the video, we really enjoyed the adventures of this security guard in the middle of the night.

Aleks Syntek - Intocable

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Mexico

Alex Syntek (born: Raúl Alejandro Escajadillo Peña) assumed a last name short for sin teclados (literally, without keyboards), a handle given by a friend from whom he had asked to borrow a synthesizer (looks like he bought a few since then!). This Mexican artist is well known for producing and writing songs for others as well as releasing his own records.

Alexis Valdés - Canción de la semana

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Cuba

Alexis Valdés, Cuban singer, actor, comedian, film producer and screenwriter brings you "Song of the Week." The days go by, but love doesn't.

Alumnos extranjeros del - Tec de Monterrey

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Mexico

Foreign students who have gone to Monterrey, Mexico to study at Monterrey Technological Institute tell us about their experience there and the plethora of opportunities that the university has to offer.

Álvaro - Arquitecto Español en Londres

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Spain

Álvaro is a Spanish architect who works in London and counts the 2012 London Olympics among his projects. In addition to telling us what he likes most about his job and the English capital, he gives us advice regarding the best things to do when visiting Spain.

Amaia Montero - Quiero Ser

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Spain

Amaia Montero, formerly the singer of La Oreja de Van Gogh, began her solo career in 2007. This song, “Quiero ser,” lasted for thirteen weeks at the number one spot on the Spanish charts in 2009. Listen and you’ll see why: her voice is captivating.

Amigos D.F. - Te presento... (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Mexico

Our good Mexican friends know a little about everything and they’re willing to teach us! When you get somewhere, what’s the first thing to do? Here you’ll learn how to greet friends, lovers and even grandmothers!

Amigos D.F. - Arquitectura (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Mexico

Mexico has a rich and varied architectural heritage that can be seen in its many classic colonial era plazas and buildings. The elementos of this historic architecture are preserved and utilized by today’s planners and builders, providing D.F. (Mexico City) with developments that are modern yet traditional and inviting, maintaining a sense of continuity with the past as the country pushes ahead into the 21st century.

Amigos D.F. - Clima en el DF (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Mexico

Miguel, Alvaro and David have teamed up once again to tell us a little something about the weather and overall climate found in Mexico City and its environs. Pay attention to the words and vocabulary, as they will certainly be of use no matter where you travel!

Amigos D.F. - El secuestrar (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Mexico

Our good friends from México City are willing to talk about everything: good, bad or ugly. Here we have their take on kidnapping, one of the growing fears of Mexicans.

Amigos D.F. - Consejos para la calle (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Mexico

Are you ever confused about what to say to other pedestrians? Our Mexico City friends Miguel, Anvar and David have agreed to pass on a few tips regarding what to say, and when, as we navigate the streets and sidewalks of the habla hispana (the Spanish speaking world).

Amparanoia - La Vida Te Da

Difficulty: intermediate Spanish     Spain

Amparo Sanchez – a singer and guitar player from Spain – is not afraid to mix genres, geographies and influences. On her band Amparanoia ’s website, she explains: “My paranoia is music and the idea was to mix rhythms and styles, taking enjoyment from the rumba to ‘ranchera’, or the bolero and ska…” (Of course, Amparo + paranoia = Amparanoia.) Listen to 2006’s “La vida te da” and hear the Afro-Cuban rumba interpreted by this talented Spaniard.

Ana Tijoux - 1977 (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: advanced Spanish     Chile

French born Chilean singer Ana Tijoux bring the best of both worlds! She made part of Makiza, in Chile, and became well known in Latin American because her collaborations with Julieta Vanegas, Los Tres, Bajofondo Tango Club and Control Machete.