Spanish Lessons » Grammar

Lesson 2.

Al + Infinitive

Lesson 16.

—azo: a painful suffix

Lesson 19.

"Se"+indirect object+verb+direct object: Accidental grammar

Lesson 29.

Ir+a+Infinitive: Going to an alternative to future tense

Lesson 30.

U for O, E for Y

Lesson 39.

Que: It also means "because"

Lesson 52.

A ti: Emphasizing

Lesson 70.

Otro: Another usual mistake

Lesson 78.

Por, Para: Forever complications

Lesson 79.

—ote, —ota, and encajar: Too big to fit?

Lesson 95.

Gender Reversals: "El Alma" and more

Lesson 101.

—ito, —ita: Making it smaller, or is it?

Lesson 103.

Haber+De+Infinitive: Something you should learn

Lesson 108.

¿Por qué?: Why? Because!

Lesson 109.

Invisible Pronouns

Lesson 110.

Al Desear: By wanting

Lesson 114.

Estudiastes: A heated debate

Lesson 118.

Lo: The Neuter Gender

Lesson 121.

Veintiún: Don't stress--it's called "apocope"

Lesson 129.

Dicho: Better said and done

Lesson 132.

Se + Verb: De-emphasizing the subject

Lesson 134.


Lesson 137.

Commands: Dos and Don’ts

Lesson 147.

-ero, -ista - Working with suffixes

Lesson 164.


Lesson 166.

Emphasis in Spanish

Lesson 168.

The Age of Reason — PART 1 (tener + razón = to be right)

Lesson 169.

¿Qué "quien" lleva tilde?

Lesson 171.

Deber / Deber De + Infinitive

Lesson 174.

The Imperfect Tense: Setting the Scene

Lesson 175.


Lesson 177.

Le in "verbs like gustar"; Le in leísmo

Lesson 178.

Apenas —hardly, just only, and about to happen

Lesson 180.

When "s" sounds like "h"

Lesson 181.

Se me olvida, I forgot!

Lesson 186.

M Before P and B