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Used in an exclamation, the Spanish word ¡qué! is equivalent to "what...!," "what a...!," or "how...!" ¡Qué! can be used with: 

  1. Adjectives: ¡Qué lindo! (How cute!)  | Adjetives + verbs: ¡Qué feo es! (How ugly it is!)
  2. Nouns: ¡Qué lástima! (What a shame!) | Nouns + verbs: ¡Qué horror me das! (What horror you make me feel!)
  3. Adverbs: ¡Qué temprano! (How early!) | Adverbs + verbs: ¡Qué temprano llegué! (How early I arrived!)

¡Qué! can also be used with a noun followed by an adjective. In this case the adjective is usually preceded by the word tan or más: ¡Qué niño tan fuerte!  (What a strong kid!). You can hear another example of this by clicking on the following free demo of the Yabla Player. Remember that you can repeat the phrase, pause it, loop it, make it go slow, search the dictionary, and hide the captions.




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