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14 Common Spanish Words That Contain All 5 Vowels

Can you think of any Spanish word that contains all five vowels? Believe it or not, there are many words in Spanish that have all five vowels. In this brief lesson, we will list some of the most common ones. However, before you go through our list, we would like to invite you to do the following:


1. Read this lesson about the vowels in Spanish.

2. Try to come up with some word in Spanish that has all 5 vowels.


If nothing comes to mind, get ready to check out the following list of words, which we have classified into 3 big groups: Nouns, Adjectives, and Conjugated Verbs. If you have been studying Spanish, we are sure you are already familiar with several of the words we have included in this list. Are you ready to unveil these words and hear how to say them?  Let's get started!




1. abuelito (grandpa)


El abuelito merece la mejor fiesta

Grandpa deserves the best party

Caption 10, Cleer y Carolina Organizando la fiesta del abuelo

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2. comunidades (communities)


España está dividida en diecisiete comunidades autónomas.

Spain is divided into seventeen autonomous communities.

Caption 11, Ariana España

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3. ecuación (equation)


Mi escultura es la solución a una ecuación

My sculpture is the solution to an equation

Caption 25, San Sebastián Peine del viento

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4. educación (education)


El uso de las computadoras y el internet forman parte de la educación de los estudiantes

The use of computers and the internet are part of the students' education

Captions 38-39, Aprendiendo con Karen Útiles escolares - Part 2

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5. euforia (euphoria)


¿Qué es eso de la euforia?

What is that [whole] euphoria [thing]?

Caption 5, Aprendiendo con Silvia Las emociones - Part 6

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6. menstruación (period)


dice que si tú tienes tu menstruación,

says that if you're on your period,

Caption 37, Melyna El aguacate

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7. murciélago (bat)


Los murciélagos se llaman "morciguillos",

Bats are called "morciguillos,"

Caption 73, Soledad El argot

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8. orquídea (orchid)


O sea... que esa imagen que tenemos de la orquídea,

In other words... that image that we have of the orchid

Captions 29-30, Estepona Orquidario - Part 1

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9. riachuelo (stream)


A veces era una fuente, otras un riachuelo,

Sometimes, it was a fountain, other times, a stream,

Captions 50-51, Aprendiendo con Silvia Recuerdos de infancia - Part 3

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10. auténtico (authentic)


para un taco auténtico:

for an authentic taco:

Caption 23, Hispanoamericanos en Berlín Karla y los tacos - Part 2

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11. cuestionable (questionable)


o algo que puede ser cuestionable.

or something that could be questionable.

Caption 17, Carlos explica 20 formas de decir no sin decir no

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12. funerario (funeral)


y servían como necrópolis para los enterramientos funerarios.

and were used as a necropolis for funeral burials.

Caption 7, Rosa Los Dólmenes de Antequera

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Conjugated Verbs


13. averiguo (find out)


Pero claro, muñeca. No te preocupes que averiguo todo y te cuento, ¿listo?

But of course, doll. Don't worry as I'll find out everything and I'll tell you, alright?

Caption 32, Confidencial: El rey de la estafa Capítulo 1 - Part 5

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14. comunicarte (communicate to you)


Sí, querida, te llamé porque quería comunicarte

Yes, dear, I called you because I wanted to communicate to you

Caption 12, Muñeca Brava 39 Verdades - Part 10

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And those were the words with all five vowels in Spanish! How many did you know? While there are, of course, many more words Spanish words containing all five vowels, we have limited this list to some of the more common ones. Is there any word that you think we should have included? Do let us know, and don't forget to send us your suggestions and comments.



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