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Acabar de

This common Spanish expression combines the verb acabar (to finish) and the preposition de (of) to express the idea of having just done something in the very recent past. The phrase must always be combined with a verb in the infinitive form, while the verb acabar itself should be conjugated accordingly. Let's see some examples:

Acabo de dormir una siesta.
I just took a nap.

Toño acaba de salir a la tienda
Toño just left to the store.

No se vayan tan pronto. ¡Acaban de llegar!
Don't leave so soon. You just arrived!


Take note: you can always attach an object pronoun to the infinitive verb, to refer to a direct or indirect object.

Tu mamá acaba de llamarme.
Your mom just called me.

Las niñas acaban de hacerte un pastel.
The girls just baked a cake for you.

And now, you can hear another example by clicking on the following:


Sí, me acaba de llamar que él está ahí en...

Yes, he just called me, as he's there at...

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