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Atrás: Ago, Backwards

In the program Factor Fobia, Marley uses two words that are very similar sounding, atrás and tras.

Hace unos meses atrás, me he ido a China
"Several months ago, I went to China"

[Caption 23, Factor Fobia > Cucarachas > Part 1]

As is evident, atrás can be used to indicate "ago," as in time past.

Muchos años atrás, él fue general.
"Many years ago, he was a general."

La última vez que nos vimos habrá sido unos seis años atrás.
"Last time we met may have been some six years ago."



Of course, atrás is also commonly used to indicate "backwards" or "towards the back."

Ella fue atrás.
"She went backwards."

Vaya hacia atrás, por favor.
"Go backwards, please.


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