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Aun vs Aún

Today, we will talk about adverbs and punctuation. Are you familiar with the word aun in Spanish? Do you know when to write that word with accent on the letter 'ú'? Let's start this lesson with a little quiz. Which word would you use in the following sentences, aun or aún?:


____ si te digo la verdad, no me crees

Even if I tell you the truth, you don't believe me


Estamos ____ en la fase de entrevistas.

We are still in the interview phase.


Let's read the following explanation to find out the answer.


The meaning of 'aun' in Spanish

The adverb aun (without graphic accent) refers to the English adverb 'even'. Let's see a couple of examples:


Aun estudiando mucho, no pasó el examen

Even studying hard, he did not pass the exam


Yo hice aun más de lo que quería

I did even more than I wanted


he vivido demasiado, aun con tanta historia

I have lived too much, even with so much history

Captions 7-8, Kany Garcia Estigma de amor

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Also, keep in mind that when aun is followed by así to mean "even so," it doesn't need an accent. Le's take a look:


Revolvimos los planetas, y aun así te vas

We stirred the planets, and even so you leave

Captions 16-17, Belanova Y aun así te vas

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When to write aún with an accent

When the word aun works as the English adverb 'still', you need to need to put the accent on the letter "ú". Let's see some examples:


Para los que aún no me conocen, mi nombre es Natalia.

For those who still don't know me, my name is Natalia.

Caption 3, Natalia de Ecuador Consejos: haciendo amigos como adultos

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Así que aún queda la pequeña esperanza

So, there's still a little hope

Caption 44, Rosa Fuente de Piedra

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Durante este período, México aún tenía el nombre de la Nueva España.

During this period, Mexico still had the name New Spain.

Caption 16, Paseando con Karen Monterrey - Museo de Historia Mexicana

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Considering the above, let's unveil the answer to our quiz:


Aun si te digo la verdad, no me crees

Even if I tell you the truth, you don't believe me


Estamos aún en la fase de entrevistas.

We are still in the interview phase.

Caption 19, Negocios La solicitud de empleo - Part 1

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And that's it for today. We hope you enjoyed this lesson and don't forget to send us your comments and questions.