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Llevar: Shades of Time

Meanwhile, in New York City, we catch up with Skampida's Gustavo and David on camera. They tell us what they've been up to:


Llevamos cuatro meses en New York City.

We've been in New York City for four months.

Caption 7, Skampida - Gustavo y David

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Bueno la... la banda ha estado... llevamos ocho años tocando y...

Well the... the band has been... we've been playing for eight years and...

Caption 12, Skampida - Gustavo y David

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You probaby know that the verb llevar means "to carry." But it has many other shades of meaning, one of which indicates the passage of time. Here are a couple more examples of llevar in this context:


¿Cuánto tiempo llevas aquí?

How long have you been here? 

Llevo seis horas esperando.

I've been waiting six hours.


Note that you could substitute "haber estado," as in "to have been," to arrive at approximately the same meaning as llevar.


El niño se daba cuenta que por haber estado agachado tanto tiempo.

The boy realized that as the result of having been bent over for so long.

Caption 36, Los Años Maravillosos - Capítulo 8 - Part 1

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