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Papel: It's a role

El papel principal del gobierno es promover el desarrollo.
[Caption 17 , Con ánimo de lucro > Cortometraje > Part 3]


Most of us know that papel is "paper," not only do they sound alike but if you've ever taken Spanish class no doubt your teacher has often asked you to take out una hoja de papel, "a sheet of paper."

However, papel is also "role" (as in "the role of technology in education"). So, in the phrase above we have:

"The main role of the government is to promote development."

El papel de la ONG ha sido un papel auxiliador.
[Caption 23, Con ánimo de lucro > Cortometraje > Part 3]

"The role of the NGO has been an assisting role."

Organización No Gubernamental (ONG), Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)


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