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Perdón: Forgiveness

So, how does La Secta's refrain go? (¿Cómo dice el estribillo de La Secta?) Here it is:


Llora mi corazón

My heart cries

Rogando tu perdón

Begging for your forgiveness

Captions 7-8, La Secta - Llora mi corazón

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In this lyric's translation, we noted that perdón means -- and sounds like -- "pardon" in English. But it also means "forgiveness." Because "begging your pardon" sounds too stilted and too close to the question "Beg your pardon?," we chose "forgiveness" here.


Aquí estoy, ya me ves, suplicándote perdón.

Here I am, as you can see, imploring your forgiveness.

Caption 67, Biografía - Enrique Iglesias

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(Incidently, "Beg your pardon?" -- as in, "What did you just say?" -- is usually ¿Cómo? in Spanish.)

Coming soon on Yabla Spanish, we'll provide consejos para la calle ("advice for the street") to teach you when to use perdón (pardon), permiso and disculpe (excuse me). Tune in then to learn the best way to clear a path and beg forgiveness when you knock someone down.



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