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Pitufresa: Remember the Smurfs?

Remember The Smurfs? Los Pitufos -as they are known in Spanish- are referenced among the trippy Liquits lyrics in this featured music video now on Yabla Spanish:


Pastel de pitufresa mezclado con peyote natural y mora

Smurfberry pie mixed with natural peyote and blackberry

Caption 10, Liquits - Jardín

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Huh?, you might ask. What's a pitufresa? Well, fresa translates as "strawberry." Adding the made-up prefix pitu[f]- in front of the word for this sweet, red fruit is akin to manipulating the English word "strawberry" to create the fictional food "smurfberry." (Remember this red-fruited cereal spun off from the cartoon?)

Like "Smurf," Pitufo is a made-up word in Spanish. But in both English and Spanish, the Smurf world -that is, Pitufolandia- follows some basic language rules that can be illuminating for students to note. For example:

"Smurf" + the suffix "-ette" = "Smurfette"
Pitufo + the suffix -ina = Pitufina

In both cases, the made-up root word is paired with a real-world suffix to name the cute, female character in the cartoon.


So, the Liquits' loopy reference to fictional pitufresas can help shed light on other pop culture references. Bonus points for anyone who can figure out how to say "Smurftastic!" en español....

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