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Profesor, Maestro: School Teacher

Bueno, mi experiencia como profesor de matemáticas ha sido muy gratificante.
[Caption 7, Profesor de matemática > Entrevista


In English the term "professor" is reserved for those with high level university faculty positions, but in Spanish profesor can be used for "school teacher" at any grade level, including university (profesor universitario). Andrés Valencia, who teaches secondary school, uses profesor in the phrase above when he says:

"Well, my experience as a math teacher has been very gratifying."

Note: The term
catedrático, is only used at the university level and can refer to a "university professor," "full professor," "department chair" and other such things. Its use seems to
vary some from country to country as to how lofty a height one has to reach in the ivy tower before gaining this title.

Mi papá fue maestro de escuela.
[Caption 6 > Emiro > La Historia de Emiro


Emiro's father taught at the K-12 level, and Emiro uses the alternate term maestro, which can also be used to mean "teacher."
"My father was a school teacher."

[Note: Emiro 's video can be found in the "La Costa Caribe: Venezuela" section of Yabla Spanish.]


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