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Quejarse: To Complain

¡Y además te quejas!
[Caption 7, Tu Rock es Votar > Publicidad > Part 1]


Quejarse is a verb meaning "to complain," so we translate the above phrase directed at Mexico's voters as:
"And still you're complaining!"

Así que no puedo quejarme
[Caption 29, Federico Kauffman Doig > Arqueologo > Part 4]

Similarly, the affable Federico Kauffman Doig uses quejarme when he states "So I can't complain."

On a related note, you won't be surprised to learn, if you didn't yet know it;
una queja is "a complaint."

The preposition following quejarse is often de

Se queja de un dolor en el abdomen.
"She complains of pain in the abdomen."

Se la pasa quejándose de que no tiene dinero.
"She is always complaining about having no money."


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