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Another interesting phrase to tumble from Landa Henríquez's lips is:


La mujer a los cuarenta, ya sabes está requete buena

A woman in her forties, you know she's very very hot

Caption 41, Landa Henríquez - Mujer Cuarenta

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"Estar buena" is "to be hot," as in sexually attractive. It's got little to do with the temperature on those sweltering Caribbean nights. (Meanwhile, the sand might be hot under foot, but you'd use "estar caliente" to describe that.) But what's "requete"? According to the authoritative Diccionario de la Lengua Española (by the Real Academia Española), "requete-," "rete-" or "re-" are prefixes that intensify the meaning of what follows -- like "very" in English, or "muy" in Spanish.




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