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Reventón: A Big Blowout!

Venezuelan Patricia Martí tells us about her home town of Coro, compared to other parts of the world:


Así como en otros países, que hay muchas discotecas y reventones y fiestas...

The way [it is] in other countries, there are a lot of discotheques and big blowouts and parties...

Caption 4, Patricia Marti - Diversión y Ejercicio

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Look up reventones -- plural of reventón -- and you'll see it's "a flat tire" or "a blowout." As you can see, Patricia uses the word in a looser sense to mean a sort of big social event, which, in English, we might also call a blowout.

To further build up your vocab, note that reventón is a noun related to the verb reventar, which means "to burst." The verb form can also be used in formal and informal speech. For example, to be formal:


Reventó un caño.
A pipe burst.

And, in a looser, more figurative sense:

Su padre reventaba de orgullo.
Her father was bursting with pride.



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