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Saber vs. Conocer Quiz

Do you feel confident about the difference between the Spanish verbs saber and conocer? Although both can mean "to know," these two verbs have different uses and connotations. If you need to learn or review their meanings, you might want to check out our lesson entitled Saber vs. Conocer: Do You "Know" the Difference? And if you do, you're ready to test yourself out with this quiz!


Saber vs. Conocer: Fill in the Blank

In the following sentences, choose the correct conjugation of saber or conocer to fill in the blank. 


1.  ¿_______ quién es el presidente de Argentina?

a. Sabes

b. Conoces


2.  Ayer ______ a mi profesor nuevo.  

a. supe

b. conocí


3. Ayer ______ que mi amiga se va a casar.

a. supe

b. conocí


4. ¿_______ Colombia?

a. Sabes

b. Conoces


5. Juan  ______ esquiar muy bien. 

a. sabe

b. conoce


6. Nos _______ hace veinte años. 

a. sabemos 

b. conocemos


7.  Yo no  _______ esa película.


b. conozco


8. ¿________ que las ballenas azules antárticas son las mamíferas más grandes del mundo?

a. Sabías

b. Conocías


9. ¿________ ustedes a qué hora empieza el show?

a. Saben

b. Conocen


10. Tenemos que _______ buscar balance en la vida.

a. saber

b. conocer



Saber vs. Conocer Quiz: The Answers

The following are the answers to all of the questions in this Saber vs. Conocer Quiz as well as the translations and grammatical reasons for each. 


1. Correct Answer: a. Sabes (saber)

  ¿Sabes quién es el presidente de Argentina?

Do you know who the president of Argentina is?

REASON: The Spanish verb saber is used to describe having knowledge of facts. 


2.  Correct Answer: b. conocí (conocer)

Ayer conocí a mi profesor nuevo. 

Yesterday I met my new teacher. 

REASON: The verb conocer is used to talk about "knowing" people. As you can see in this example, its meaning changes in the preterite tense from "to know" to "to meet."


3. Correct Answer: a. supe (saber)

Ayer supe que mi amiga se va a casar.

Yesterday I found out that my [female] friend is going to get married. 

REASON: The verb saber is used to talk about "knowing" information. Its meaning also changes in the preterite from "to know" to "to find out." Let's look at a similar example:


Igual, lo importante es que supimos que estás buscando grupo

Anyway, the important thing is that we found out that you are looking for a group

Caption 58, X6 1 - La banda - Part 6

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4. Correct Answer: b. Conoces (conocer)

¿Conoces Colombia?

Have you been to Colombia?

REASON: The Spanish verb conocer is employed to express familiarity with a place in the sense of "having been" there. 


5. Correct Answer: asabe (saber)

Juan sabe esquíar muy bien. 

Juan knows how to ski very well. 

REASON: The verb saber plus an infinitive verb describes "knowing how" to do some action, or possessing some skill


6. Correct Answer: b. conocemos (conocer)

 Nos conocemos hace veinte años. 

We've known each other for twenty years. 

REASON: This is another example of the use of the verb conocer to talk about "knowing" people.


7. Correct Answer: bconozco (conocer)

Yo no conozco esa película.

I'm not familiar with that movie.

REASON: Conocer in Spanish can refer to "being familiar with" things.


8. Correct Answer: a. Sabías (saber) 

¿Sabías que las ballenas azules antárcticas son las mamíferas más grandes del mundo?

Did you know that Antarctic blue whales are the largest mammals in the world?

REASON: To talk about "knowing" facts, choose the verb saber, which we see in the imperfect tense in this caption. 


9. Correct Answer: a. saber

¿Saben ustedes a qué hora empieza el show?

Do you guys know what time the show starts?

REASON: Saber is used here to speak about "knowing" information


10. Correct Answer: a. saber (saber)

Tenemos que saber buscar balance en la vida.

We have to know how to seek balance in life. 

REASON: This is another example of the verb saber + infinitive to talk about a skill or ability. Let's see another example of this use from Yabla's video library:


Ella también sabe cocinar... 

She also knows how to cook...

Caption 22, Misión Chef 2 - Pruebas - Part 8

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That's all for this quiz on the Spanish verbs saber vs. conocer. We hope you did well, and please don't forget to write us with your questions and comments!



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