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Sacarse: To Get a Grade and Other Uses

Yo me saqué un nueve.

I got a nine.

Caption 21, Disputas - La Extraña Dama - Part 3

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You'll note that sacarse una nota is a common expression meaning "getting a grade" in school. Hence in part 3 of Disputas, La Extraña Dama, we hear Gloria's son proclaim yo me saqué un nueve, "I got a nine." A few other interesting uses of sacarse are:

Sacarse un premio.
To win a prize.

Sacarse un peso de encima.
To get rid of a burden.


Tiene que sacarse a esa chica de la cabeza, señor.

You have to get that girl out of your head, sir.

Caption 30, Muñeca Brava - 30 Revelaciones

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Sacarse la garra.
To taunt/insult, To "rag on" someone. [Mexico]

Sacarse la careta.
Literally: To rid yourself of the mask; to stop pretending, to be yourself.



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