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Soportar, Bancar - Alternatives to Aguantar

If you recall, in the past we've discussed the use of estar harto when you are "fed up" with something of someone. We also talked about the use of aguantar to indicate that your tolerance is still intact. Well, we hope you're not yet sick of this subject! In this episode of Muñeca Brava Mili introduces us to yet two more ways to test our limits.


Mirá, flaco, la verdad es que no te banco y me voy a ir, porque no te soporto.

Look, dude, the truth is I can't stand you and I'm going to leave, because I can't put up with you.

Captions 53-54, Muñeca Brava - 18 - La Apuesta - Part 4

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The verbs bancar and soportar both have pretty much the same meaning as aguantar: "to tolerate," "to put up with," "to stand" etc. For emphasis, Mili is employing each verb, negated, in separate phrases "no te banco" and "no te soporto" -- she does not want to hang out with Ivo!


Bancar is the less formal, and you will probably only find it employed this way in "Southern Cone" countries, such as Argentina and Uruguay.


¡Estoy harta de Juan! No lo banco más.
I'm sick of Juan! I can't stand him anymore.


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