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Tantos: Points

Tú... -Nada, entonces nada. -tantos para allí para la sota.

You... -Nothing, then nothing. -points for the jack.

Caption 28, Jugando a la Brisca - En la calle

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Spanish learners quickly pick up the word tanto in its widely used sense of "so much" or "so many." In this meaning the word is used both as an adjective, tanto dinero (so much money), and adverb, no deberías apostar tanto (you shouldn't gamble so much).

However un tanto is also "a point," and tantos can mean "points," as in points in a game or a competition. In our video example the speaker is referring to points in a card game.

El jugador marcó dos tantos y su equipo ganó el partido.
The player scored two points and his team won the match.

Este equipo tiene dos tantos a su favor.
This team is up by two points.


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