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The Seasons in Spanish

Do you know how to say "winter" or "summer" in Spanish? Do you know how to pronounce the seasons in Spanish? Let's review the four seasons of the year in the language of Cervantes.


The seasons in Spanish and English

Let's start this lesson with a quick overview of the Spanish seasons:


Las cuatro estaciones del año | The four seasons of the year


invierno | winter

primavera | spring

verano | summer

otoño | autumn or fall


Things to keep in mind


1. How do you say "season" in Spanish? The answer is "estación." Its plural form is "estaciones" (seasons).


2. All seasons except "primavera" are masculine nouns. Also, keep in mind that you usually need definite articles next to the seasons. Let's take a look at the singular and plural forms of the Spanish seasons:


el invierno | los inviernos

la primavera | las primaveras

el verano | los veranos

el otoño | los otoños 


3. Lots of countries through the Americas don't have four seasons. Instead, they may have rainy and dry seasons. In this case, you may hear the word "temporada" instead of "estación": ya entramos en la temporada de lluvias.

...if we already entered the rainy season.

Caption 58, Natalia de Ecuador - Vocabulario de prendas de vestir

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How to pronounce the seasons in Spanish

Let's start with the following clip where you can listen to our friend Clara saying the four seasons in Spanish:


Un año tiene cuatro estaciones:

A year has four seasons:

primavera, verano, otoño e invierno.

spring, summer, fall and winter.

Captions 11-12, Clara explica - El tiempo

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Let's practice a little bit more with the following examples for every single season.


Winter in Spanish


En diciembre, empieza el invierno.

In December, the winter starts.

Caption 25, El Aula Azul - Estaciones y Meses

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Spring in Spanish


...en esta época que tenemos... que es primavera.

...during this season that we have... which is spring.

Caption 22, Azotea Del Círculo de Bellas Artes - Andrés nos enseña una nueva perspectiva

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By the way, we also have a lesson about spring vocabulary that you'll want to read.


Autumn in Spanish


Estaba precioso, en otoño con las hojas en el suelo.

It was beautiful in the fall with the leaves on the ground.

Caption 24, El Aula Azul - Conversación: Vacaciones recientes

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Summer in Spanish


Un día dijimos, es verano, no hacemos nada,

One day we said, "It's summer, we're not doing anything,

vamos, cogemos el coche y nos vamos.

come on, let's take the car and go."

Captions 26-27, Blanca y Mariona - Proyectos para el verano

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Also, make sure to check our lesson about summer vocabulary.


That's it for today. What's your favorite season? What about your favorite months of the year? Please, let us know, and don't forget to send us your questions and comments.




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