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The Spanish Word of the Year 2023

This year, we have chosen a word that has already been named Word of the Year by other linguistic sources. In fact, it was FundeuRAE's Word of the Year last year. However, we believe that this word has gained new traction in the last twelve months, and, for this reason, have selected it as our Spanish Word of the Year 2023. Let's reveal it!


Inteligencia artificial: The Spanish Word of the Year 2023

Is there anything more trendy than AI today? From ChatGPT to MidJourney and everything in between, the concept of AI is totally transforming the world around us. This is why we have chosen the term inteligencia artificial (artificial intelligence) as the Spanish Word of the Year 2023. Let's see how to pronounce this word in the definition that Carlos shares with us in his video about this topic:


la inteligencia artificial es la disciplina científica que se ocupa de crear programas informáticos que ejecutan operaciones comparables a las que realiza la mente humana, como el aprendizaje o el razonamiento lógico.

artificial intelligence is the scientific discipline that deals with creating computer programs that execute comparable operations to the ones that the human mind carries out, like learning or logical reasoning.

Captions 25-29, Aprendiendo con Carlos Inteligencia artificial - Part 1

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Now that the winner has been revealed, here are a couple of things to keep in mind about the term inteligencia artificial:


1. In Spanish as in English, the term inteligencia artificial should be written in lowercase. 


2. If you wish to use the acronym for inteligencia artificial, remember to use the Spanish initials "IA" rather than the English version, "AI," which some people mistakenly use in Spanish.


Runners-up for the Spanish Word of the Year 2023 


dato (data)

There are several AI-related Spanish words that have been quite popular this year, and dato (data) has definitely been one of them.


La percepción del comerciante coincide con el dato que manejan algunos expertos.

The perception of the merchant coincides with the data that some experts work with.

Caption 6, Los Reporteros Crecen los robos en tiendas - Part 4

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guerra (war)

Unfortunately, this word is still trending, especially after what has occurred this year in Israel.


La palabra más fea es guerra.

The ugliest word is war.

Caption 61, Karla e Isabel Palabras

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terremoto (earthquake)

This year was full of deadly earthquakes. From Turkey and Morocco to Afghanistan and Nepal, the world was shaking far too much this year.


Este mes han muerto muchas personas en el terremoto.

This month many people have died in the earthquake.

Caption 26, Lecciones con Carolina Participios - Ejemplos de uso

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So, there you have it. What do you think of our Spanish Word of the Year 2023, and how do you feel towards AI in general? Can you think of any other word that is worthy of this title? Don't forget to send us your feedback!



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