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Tocar: A Touch of Chance

Yo sé que este país que me ha tocado conocer de cerca, palparlo de cerca...

I know that this country that I've had the fortune to know closely, to sense it closely...

Caption 2, Felipe Calderón - Publicidad - Part 1

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In addition to the well known meaning "to touch," there are many other uses of the verb tocar, one is to indicate chance or fortune.

Esta es la vida que me toca vivir.
This is the life that I have [fate has given me] to live.

Me tocó el boleto de la buena suerte.
I got [by chance] the lucky ticket [of all the ones distributed].

Le ha tocado la lotería.
She has won the lottery.



This is the sense that Felipe Calderón is using the verb in the phrase above:

"I know that this country that I have had the fortune to know closely, to sense closely..."

Keep your ears open for this use of tocar when you are listening to native Spanish.


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