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Tras: After

Y tras la pausa, vamos a ver si se anima Sebastián Estebanez...

And after the break, we'll see if Sebastian Estebanez dares...

Caption 56, Factor Fobia - Cucarachas

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Tras la guerra con Napoleón, el Rey Fernando Séptimo inició su reconstrucción.

After the war with Napoleon, King Ferdinand the Seventh began his reconstruction.

Captions 64-65, Marisa en Madrid - Parque de El Retiro

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The word tras can be used to mean "after" in terms of the timing of a sequence of events.

Tras hablar con su padre, Ana dijo que no volvería a la casa.
After speaking with her father, Ana said she would never return home.

Note that tras can also operate as a preposition used to indicate "behind."


La azafata acabó de salir del hotel y Zárate va tras ella.

The flight attendant has just left the hotel and Zarate is behind her.

Caption 21, Confidencial: El rey de la estafa - Capítulo 4

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Tu hermano está tras la puerta.
Your brother is behind the door.


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