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Trato: Deal

Tengo un trato, lo mío pa' mi saco...

I have a deal, what's mine is mine...

Caption 3, La Mala Rodriguez - Entrevista

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In her rap, María Rodríguez tells us Tengo un trato, "I have a deal," and lo mío pa' mi saco, which literally means "mine for my bag," but which is a figurative way to say "what's mine is mine."


Por eso te quiero ofrecer un trato.

That's why I want to offer you a deal.

Caption 31, Muñeca Brava - 43 La reunión - Part 5

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¡Es un trato hecho! Te paso a buscar a las ocho.
It´s a done deal! I'll pick you up at eight.

Hagamos un trato: tú vas a la reunión y yo cuido a los chicos.
Let´s make a deal: you'll go to the meeting and I'll look after the children.

As in English, a deal, un trato, is related to but not exactly the same as un contrato, a contract, which usually implies a more formal, legal agreement, usually written.

We can informally make a deal, un trato, but whenever we are talking about more serious and legal matters, we´ll use
contrato, contract.


Algunos clientes bajo contrato, le pre-maduramos la fruta para que llegue apta para comer.

[For] some customers under contract, we pre-ripen the fruit so that it arrives ready to eat.

Captions 99-100, 75 minutos - Del campo a la mesa - Part 18

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El abogado está redactando el contrato de mantenimiento.
The lawyer is drawing up the maintenance contract.

El contrato que firmé me obliga a trabajar dos sábados al mes.
The contract that I signed requires me to work two saturdays a month.


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