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Ya: That's It, Enough Already!

Y ahí, bueno, pienso que con eso colaboro para mi país. Con eso... y ya.

And so, well, I think I'm helping my country like this. Like that... and that's it.

Captions 36-38, Patricia Marti - Perspectiva Política

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In Spanish, ya is an adverb that packs a lot of meanings. It most commonly means "already" and "now." In informal, everyday speech, it's best understood in the context. For example, in a busy café, a waiter might ask you and your friend:


¿Ya pidieron?
Did you all order already?

No, no tenemos la carta todavía
No, we don't have the menu yet

Ya se la traigo
I'll bring it to you now


Note that fellow adverb todavía means "yet" or "still". But getting back to ya, here are two phrases you're sure to come across often:


Ya es la hora = "It's time [already/now ]."
Ya está = "It's here [already/now]."

Our interview subject ends the interview with a shrug and a "y ya," which is her way of telling us "enough already," or "that's it."


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