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Prestar un Servicio: To Lend a Service

The verb prestar (which means "to lend") has some different uses in Spanish than the verb "lend" does in English. For an example, let's turn to Chober, chatting on the beach in Venezuela in this week's new interview.


Y buenos, el destino final es prestar un servicio donde la gente pueda degustar gastronomía local...

And well, the final objective is to provide a service where people can taste local gastronomy...

Captions 37-38, Playa Adícora - Chober

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If you translated the above quotation and decided 'prestar un servicio' was "to lend a service," you'd still get the gist of the sentence. But your English might sound a little stilted. Same holds true of this common phrase in Spanish:

Prestar atención

To lend attention? Well, in modern English we'd say "to pay attention."

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