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Se trata: What it's about

This week we also offer the eighth installment of De Consumidor a Persona ("From Consumer to Person"), from Spain, a probing look at tough environmental questions. In this clip, we hear:


...[S]e trata de vincular la misma actividad...

...[I]t is about linking the same activity...

[Caption 21, De Consumidor a Persona > Part 8]

We've discussed the versatile verb tratar ("to treat" or "to attempt to") in this space before. But we didn't yet touch on the common construction tratarse de [algo] ("to be about [something]"), which is seen in the phrase above.

Here's a common question:

¿De que se trata?

"What is it about?"

And one possible answer:

Yabla Spanish se trata de gente interesante.

"Yabla Spanish is about interesting people."


Got that? Have a look at an interesting discussion of the phrase, found here.


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