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Uses of Ya - Part 2

Uses of ya - Part 1

Let's continue studying examples of the use of the Spanish word ya.


Used emphatically, ya is equivalent to para (stop) and basta (enough):


Ya, ya, ya, para, para, para, para, para, para. -¿Ya?

Enough, enough, enough, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. -Already?

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But also to "now," "go," or "start":

A partir de este momento comienza la prueba. Ya. -¡Ya!

From this moment the test begins. Now. -Now!

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Or something similar to "that's it":

Pues, ya.

Well, that's it.

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Ya is also a short answer meaning "yes," "right," "agreed." It may be the case that this use originated from common phrases like ya entiendo (I understand [already]) and  ya veo (I see [now]):

Mira que hasta en la forma de... de ejecutarlo varía mucho. -Ya.

Notice that, even the manner of... of playing it varies a lot. -Yeah.

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Sí, ya veo.

Yes, I see.

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Ya can also mean "since" when combined with the pronoun que:

Ya que es muy pequeña y por... tener dos océanos,

Since it is very small and due to... having two oceans,

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But also "once" or "now that":

Ya que tenemos todo dentro de la licuadora,

Once we have everything inside of the blender,

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Ya mismo  means  "right now" 


¿Está bien? -Esperando, ya mismo vamos a las castañas.

Are you OK? -Waiting, right now we're going to the chestnuts.

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Ya está is a common phrase meaning "it's ready" but it can also be used as "that's it":


Se pone en la caja y ya está.

It's put into the box and that's it.

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